Surgical Services

At Quiet Waters Animal Hospital, we perform a full array of surgical procedures including:

* Routine spay/neuters
* Bladder surgery for the removal of stones
*Intestinal and stomach foreign body retrieval
* Mass removals and biopsies
* Amputations
* Declawing and many more

All of our surgeries are performed in-house. This monitoring includes EKG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry (measuring blood oxygen) and temperature. We maximize safety by offering pre-anesthetic bloodwork, placing an IV catheter and administering intravenous fluids during every procedure. We tailor our anesthetic protocols for each patient based on the patient’s age, health status and medical conditions. Our patients also receive pain management protocols based on their individual needs.

Laser Surgery
We offer laser surgery as an added level of advanced surgical care. The benefits of utilizing this innovative technique include decreased pain, less swelling, less bleeding and a faster recovery time. We will continue to adopt and offer new technologies as they become available to ensure that our patients are always provided with the best available veterinary care.

Finally, in addition to our staff doctors we are fortunate to have a long relationship with an orthopedic surgical specialist. He is available to come to our hospital to perform special orthopedic procedures as well as other more complex soft tissue surgeries.




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