Preventative Pet Wellness

Preventative Pet Wellness Care
At Quiet Waters Animal Hospital, we're here to care for your pet through any sickness or emergency, but the most important service we provide is preventative pet wellness care. By giving your pet wellness exams on a regular basis, we can monitor its health and make sure it's not developing any health problems. By keeping your pet healthy, not only will we make it harder for your pet to catch any diseases, we'll also be able to diagnose and treat any problems that might arise, while they're minor and easier to treat.

The Importance of Pet Exams
As your dog or cat grows older, it becomes more and more susceptible to a wide variety of diseases. That's why it's so important to bring your pet in for pet exams on a regular basis. Beginning in the first year of life, we'll begin to administer vaccinations for your puppy or kitten, as well as spay or neuter them.

No matter what the age, a pet wellness examination will include a checkup for a number of health problems. Our veterinarian will include:

  • Looking for problems with your pet's teeth, gums and mouth
  • Giving your pet the correct vaccinations every year
  • Looking for fleas, ticks and other parasites, then administering preventative medicine against them
  • Weighing and measuring your pet to make sure it's not becoming obese, plus advice on helping you keep your pet at a healthy weight
  • Checking fur and skin to look for rashes and lumps that can hide under dense pelts
  • Behavioral checks to make sure your pet is socializing correctly

Pet wellness exams are important not only during a puppy or kitten's first year of life, but during it's entire life through its senior years. Many serious illnesses can be treated during a pet's lifetime, but only if they're diagnosed, and that can only happen if your pet is having regular wellness checkups.

Pets that have regular veterinary care and preventative examinations live much longer than those that aren't cared for. They're healthier in general, increasing their immune systems, which cuts down on the number of diseases that can affect their body. Also, if they do become sick, their veterinarian can begin to treat the illness earlier, making it much more likely that the pet will have a safe and full recovery.


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